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Halloween ’13

I am one of those people who crave Halloween. It’s honestly my favorite time of year. From ghosts and ghouls, to giving out candy to all the trick-or-treaters that make their way to our candy station, it’s a “holiday” that can’t be missed. The only thing I can do without pretty much every Halloween, is the cold that constantly follows my Halloween escapades (which, for me, has been the past 2 days. No fun). I always think to myself “Why am I sick? This downright sucks” and I believe it’s finally dawned on me that it must be my running around on Hallows Eve, in the cold, and in this years case, rain, in nothing but ripped up clothing. *sigh* Will that stop me? Never! I love it too much.

On a happier, or scarier, however you look at it, note, here are the few pictures I promised from my last post here. As I mentioned, there aren’t as many as I had hoped for, but it does give you an idea of how Halloween goes down around here.

Halloween; love it or hate it? Let me know! Always a pleasure to read your thoughts.  Stay classy, Realists!

001One of my sisters channeling her inner Michonne from ‘Walking Dead‘ (my other one was Maggie, but unfortunately no decent pictures were taken)

002Yes, that’s me eating a hand portraying a ‘walker’ a.k.a. zombie from ‘Walking Dead’


007My brother and I all gruesomed up for the part. Oh how I love dressing up!


20131101_193953The hubby and I as Princess Peach and Mario for a Halloween party we attended on the Friday…clearly we need to see a doctor


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