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A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 4


Day 4! One more day to go ;)

The last time I wore this top here, I had it buttoned up to the top, but had also mentioned that this blouse can also be worn unbuttoned. I wanted to see what it would look like paired with these trousers, and I’m happy I did! I love a loose on loose combo. Don’t get me wrong, you’re more likely to find me in a skinny pant and loose top, but sometimes it’s a nice change to pair together something like this. Allows you to eat more and not worry :P

Obviously I had to add some epic, sky-high heels. It wouldn’t have beeen me had I done anything less ;) I love these heels!!! I first (and only) featured them a while back during my DIY;Muscle Tank week here, and this past weekend was, so sad and true, the first time I actually wore them “out-out”. As in a night-out out. I was quite worried that my feet would kill because the last time I wore them out quickly after that post, I wanted to DIE! They were so uncomfortable and thought to myself “Omg, I just spent x amount of dollars on these shoes and can’t stand them!” I couldn’t let that one time be the deciding factor, and I’m very relieved to say that they are actually not bad!! Just needed some stretching, I guess ;)

Realists, do you have a pair of shoes that literally make you cringe every time you walk in them, but still hold onto them because they’re just too gorgeous to give away? Please share your stories! ;) Have a lovely Thursday, and stay classy!


DSC01192 DSC01222My “teaching the girls not to come into the street” stance ;)DSC01195 DSC01208Top: Ted Baker, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Ring: H&M


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A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 3


As my uncle put it, today’s way of styling our satin cargo trousers would be a “night on the town” look. You’ve got the leopard print heels, the red clutch, a silk blue top, and some sparkly sunglasses.

I actually am quite fond of this look. It’s feminine with that touch of edge from the trousers. This is something I would wear out to a nice supper or drinks with the ladies.

I have a confession. I’ve had this top for yeeeaaarrrrssss, and I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve worn it… Horrible!! I’m not a huge fan of turtle-necks (I’m quite claustrophobic so I’m usually turned off by them), but I think because this is silk, it deterred me away from that closed up feeling. After seeing how it looked paired with these pants, I’m going to be looking for more bottoms I could pair it with. Make sure I get my money’s worth :P Are you guys fans of turtle-necks? Do tell!

Once again, we’ve made it the middle of the week. How time flies! Have a wonderful hump-day and stay classy!

DSC01119Well, hello there passerby :PDSC01154 DSC01157 DSC01164 DSC01136Top: Marciano, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Clutch: Chinese Laundry, Bracelet & Ring: BCBG


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A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 2


Alright, I finally gave in…I went out and bought my first crop top…Do I think I’m ready for one? Meh, maybe, as long as whatever my bottoms are are high enough! :P

Today’s outfit’s got a sporty, casual vibe. I’m actually really loving the way this one came out. As i was looking for something to add a little more to the ensemble of the day, I then found (and remembered) that I had this Lacoste fanny pack. It gives the outfit that much more of a sportier vibe, and it’s big enough to hold all of your essentials :)

It’s funny because I was actually debating on which outfit to pair my red heels with, today’s or yesterday’s. Clearly yesterday’s won, but you can definitely spice up this outfit with a pair of stand-out heels!! I love adding heels wherever I can ;)

Are you guys into crop tops? Tried them out? How do you feel about all the 90’s comebacks? Let me know! Love to hear from you ;) Have a great day and stay classy!

DSC01006 DSC01036 DSC01045 DSC01077The purple bracelet was a gift from a friend, and the beige rope bracelet? Was actually on the belt loops of a pair of shorts I just picked up for the hubby. He didn’t like it so I took it off his hands. Versatility ;) DSC01063Top: Garage, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Converse, Fanny Pack: Lacoste


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A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 1


Hello there fellow Realists!! The weekend is done (boo) and a new week has started! I’m hoping you all had a lovely weekend!

This week I’ll be starting something new on the blog; A Week of Style. The hubby will be gone all week for work, so I’ll unfortunately have no one to snap some photos of me. Luckily, this came to mind! Why not take pictures of 5 different outfits so I have something to post up? I mentioned in a previous post about the sales going on at Zara, and the many pieces I bought, so for this whole week, I’ll be featuring the satin cargo trousers I purchased on there and the many ways it can be styled!

First up, I decided to continue on with my talk about graphic shirts here and pair the pants with none other than just that! My brother bought this shirt for my because he thought it was very “me”. Which, I cannot lie, it is! I LOVE Dr. Seuss! I beg my kids daily if I can read his books before bedtime, sometimes I win, and well, you get it. I’m not going to lie, I was never a big fan of the “Cool Story, Bro!” shirts, but I find this one so unique and witty with The Cat in the Hat. I did, however, cut the sleeves off and made it into a muscle tee. Now it’s perfect! He insisted that it better make it’s way onto the blog, so Adam, this one’s for you ;)

I could’ve easily paired this whole outfit with some sneakers. That’s most likely what a lot of people would think as well, but I was set on mixing it up and adding in some heels. Of course, as I mentioned here, these red heels have made their way back onto the blog in such a short amount of time!! I can’t reiterate enough how much I LOVE them!! They’re super comfy, a simple yet lovely design, and they’re red!! A sexy color that always knows how to make an outfit pop!

Voila! Day 1 of my first Week of Style! What do you think? Like the idea? I’ll be leaving for Toronto in 2 weeks and am planning on putting together another one, so I’d love to hear your feedback! Have a lovely Monday, and stay classy!

9343530425_2d751b8544_oI also decided to try out the whole 90’s tie-your-shirt-around-your-waist trend. I’m diggin’ it!9343544547_1230fbbee3_o 9346326878_097309c3e3_o 9346314076_6d2204d908_o 9346330442_d780e5f6de_o 9346338582_bebf6dc61e_oTop: Target c/o my wonderful little bro, Sweater: Lucky 7, Pants & Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Diesel


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Printed Trousers for Summer

Not only am I still coughing up my insides, but to bring me down even more, it’s gloomy and raining outside!! I’m a little over this crazy weather. I’m not one to enjoy wearing pants past mid-June. *sigh*

On the note of rain and pants, having a great printed trouser in your closet is a must-have (especially for those chillier days like today!). After being seen all over the runways, surely enough, they then ended up in many a closet. From floral to paisley, and zig-zags to damask, the sky’s the limit when it comes to printed trousers.

Some may think, “I can’t give in. They’re too hard to pair”, but trust me, it looks harder than it actually is! You can go the easier route and pair your printed pants with a solid, neutral top. Or, you can go the step further and use a solid, colored top. OR, you can be as creative as you can and mix print on print. Oh, the possibilities!!

Realists, it’s Friday! Hooray for the weekend!! This Sunday I’ll be participating in my first Spartan Race, so cross your fingers for me!! I’ll have the whole story for you next week :) Have a great weekend and stay classy!

Printed Trousers for the Summer
Erdem cotton pants, $810 / Ted Baker floral printed trousers, $105 / Versace vintage printed velvet jeans, $700 / French Connection patterned trouser, $120 / Etro silk print trousers, $635 / Warehouse sundown paisley print trouser, $40 / French Connection electric zig-zag pants, $99


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