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Denim Shorts

Hello Realists!! Excuse me for my 3-day weekend. Yesterday was a holiday for most here in Montreal, as it was St. Jean Baptiste, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather we had earlier in the day (luckily I made it home before the thunder-showers began) and enjoyed a nice picnic with my girls, sister and uncle.

It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and not have to leave with a sweater on. I can finally stash away all of our winter clothing and make more room for dresses and shorts ;) Speaking of shorts, as I’ve mentioned in a post here, they’re really my go to item for the hot weather. So, seeing as how denim shorts are being seen all over this summer, I’ve put together a little collage of a few shorts I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

The great thing about denim shorts is that they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the event. A killer pair of heels and a dressy top, or some Converse and a muscle tee, they’re so versatile that everyone should own at least one pair! Another great thing about denim shorts? They don’t always have to be the typical blue. Branch out and go shopping for some fun, colorful denim!

How do you feel about denim shorts? Or shorts in general? You know me, I do love to hear your thoughts! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Monday. Stay Classy!

Denim Shorts
Billabong Laneway color shorts, $52 / H&M jean shorts, $32 / 904 vintage acid wash Jean shorts / Jane Norman jean shorts, $45 / Tokyo Laundry high-waisted denim shorts, $19 / rag & bone jean ripped short shorts, $160 / Dorothy Perkins high-waist shorts, $47 / Topshop high-waisted denim shorts, $59 

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Not Your Typical Denim Shorts


When it comes to heat, I LOVE a great pair of shorts. Gym shorts, suit shorts, denim shorts, I absolutely am infatuated (I know that’s a strong word, but it’s true!) with shorts! So when I came across this pair, with the stand-out of the splatted colors, I knew I had to own them! It also helps that I found them on special ;)

When I think of denim shorts, first instinct; blue. Then, I guess you would say white. After that, colored, but these are on a whole other level. I adore the fact that the colors are not super bright, but you do still have those hints of yellow and pink thrown in there.

Now, at first thought, I was heading for a white tank, and then stopped myself mid-track when I then caught, at the corner of my eye, my striped, neon yellow tank I first wore here. I mean, why not?? Adds more character to an outfit (and love mixing prints). And to not over-do it, I threw on my black blazer and some black ankle-strap heels.

It’s Thursday!! And you know what that means? Ladies night at so many restaurants!!! Oh, and the weekend’s a day away ;) Stay Classy, Realists!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCBlazer: Guess, Top & Shorts: Calvin Klein, Shoes: Miss Sixty, Sunglasses: Aldo


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My new indigo babies


As mentioned in a previous post, I had bought a few new items while on my Vegas vacation and can’t wait to show them to you! I didn’t shop too much, but the few items I did purchase are perfect additions to my closet. I thought I would start it off by sporting my brand new Brian Atwood babies!!!

My first pair of Brian Atwood‘s and I’m in love!! He’s such an awesome designer making such beautiful shoes and I can’t get enough of the styles he puts out. Looking at these to-die-for shoes, you can only imagine why I fell in love instantly and knew that I had to have them ;)

I decided to show these off with an all white outfit so that the indigo color could pop. I also kept it all very simple with no jewellery and a light pink gloss. Besides the beauties on my feet, I love the faux-leather detailing on the pockets (and the waistband, not shown) of the shorts. It’s those subtle touches that make a piece of clothing stand out!

Well, realists, it’s Friday!! Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend and continue to stay classy!

002008The faux-leather detailing. That perfect touch!

012How could I say no to these?018022Top: H&M, Shorts: Lush, Shoes: Briand Atwood, Sunglasses: Aldo


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All about being bold!!

Hello realists!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! :)

This week, I thought I would start it off with a spring/summer ’13 trend that I absolutely love…bold prints!

There’s a perfect print for everyone out there. Whether it be floral, polka dots, or even fruits, I guarantee you will find a print that works for your body, skin-tone, etc. I for one love pretty much any type of print. If it’s bold and screams “Look at me!!” you can assure that I’ll be trying it on!

Not comfortable with wearing a print?? What about carrying one? Or walking on one? Bags, clutches, hats, shoes, they all can be found with some kind of bold print that can sometimes stand out more than your striped top. That one perfect item will add so much character to an ensemble, but always make sure to not go overboard. You don’t want to end up looking like you got dressed in the dark :P But please, do feel adventurous and mix some prints together! There are definitely some patterns that you would believe were made to be worn together, you just have to try it out ;)

Just below, I’ve posted some items that I found to be quite eye-catching! Hope you enjoy my picks!

Are any of you fans of prints?? Maybe sporting some right now? ;) If you are a lover of them, what type of prints usually catch your eye first?? I always love to hear your thoughts! Stay classy, realists!

All about being bold!

Larose 5 panels cap, $130 / Paul & Joe Sister floral print shorts, $185 / Versace bright dress, $890 / Gucci printed canvas tote bag, $675 / Dolce & Gabbana colorful clutch, $1760 / FAIR+true print top, $120 / J Brand printed skinny jeans, $415 / Blumarine black knee length skirt, $745 / M Missoni rose print dress, $530 / Alice + Olivia printed skirt, $450 / Zara colorful clucth, $51 / Zara blazer, $100 / Balmain yellow tank top, $600


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Muscle Tank; The finale!


Today is the finale of our “DIY muscle tank” outfit combos. We had casual/chic, then I gave you sporty, yesterday was full of clean and sharp details, and today, I give to you something that is pretty much expected of a rocker tee…an everyday, grungish look! Something I would definitely wear to a concert, or just strolling around doing some shopping.

A pair of jean shorts, some black high-knee socks, a striped cardigan, all topped off with the ultimate cherry; a classic pair of black Chucks. Comfy, cute, and can really be worn all day, everyday. This whole outfit makes me feel like a teenager again ;)

And there you have it! The conclusion to this weeks DIY! One shirt, 4 ways. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Did anyone jump on board with me during this? If so, I would love to hear about how you styled, or would style your own muscle tee! While on this note, I would also love to bring you some more DIY’s in the future! Realists, any suggestions?? I’m very interested to know what you would like to see next! Until the next post, as always, muscle tee or not, stay classy ;)

SONY DSC SONY DSChehe, had to throw that in there :PSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCCardigan: Jacob, Shirt: Concert tee from The Matches, Shorts: Forever21, Knee-high socks: American Apparel, Shoes: Converse

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Wishing for warm weather

So, here I am stuck in a 15cm downpour of snow, while my husband is out in Florida basting in the sun! …Ok, he’s actually there for work and is super busy and most likely hardly enjoying the sun, but I can still be envious, right? ;) Watching him pack all his t-shirts, shorts, shoes, made me long even more for the days of heat and sun. Today I decided an acceptable way to cheer me up, and hopefully all of you as well, was to put together a collage of summer clothing and accessories I can’t wait to get my hands on.
…Now that I think of it, this is not satisfying at all! Just makes me yearn the sun even more! *sigh* Oh well, this is the best we’re going to get for now, right?? Enjoy! ;)

Wishing for warm weather

Kokin summer hat, $170 / MICHAEL Michael Kors strap sandals / Bleeker Bloom Cross body shoulder bag, $76 / Layered dress, $56 /  Vero Moda patent handbag, $19 / Old Navy brimmed hat, $19 / Stella McCartney strapless bustier dress, $2,660 / Dolce & Gabbana knee length pencil skirt, $610 / Emilio Pucci strapless floral dress, $1,045 / Alice + Olivia summer tank top / Alexander McQueen draped top / Forever 21 nautical shorts, $23 / Emilio Pucci knee length pencil skirt, $490 / Ralph Lauren Collection flat heels, $275 /  Theory striped tank top, $98 / / River Island reversible skirt, $25 / Alexander McQueen strap sandals, $825


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