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A Simple Sunday


After spending all day Saturday soaking up the sun on the beach, we felt that Sunday should be a chill one relaxing at home during the early day until my family came over for some supper and board games (a little Sunday tradition!). The only moment we had to step out of the house was to head on over to the grocery store for some food shopping. That [luckily] did not require me to get too dressy.

I find this t-shirt to be perfect! From the fit to the fabric, it’s definitely one of my fav’s! I received this as a gift a little over a year ago from one of the hubby’s cousins. I actually told her to buy it for me so that I could pay her back, but as sneaky as she is, turned it into a Christmas gift. Rebecca, thanks again for this awesome tee! Still wearing it and loving it! :)

I feel like most of my posts lately have been of me in shorts. I have mentioned many times that I do love a great pair of shorts, but I thought I’d give you something different by pairing the tee with a skirt. You’ve seen it before here, but I find the t-shirt gives it a different look. A little bit of a sportier vibe. I should’ve/would’ve paired this all with a pair of Converse, but my sandals were already by the door waiting for me. Next time! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop: Topshop, Skirt: Forever21, Shoes: Aldo, Sunglasses: Carerra


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Juice Cleanse; Final Review

Ladies & gents, I’ve made it! My DIY; 3-day juice cleanse is finally over and I can eat some real food! :P

So, what did I think about this whole cleanse?? Honestly, as I mentioned here, the first day was hard. I had headaches and felt weak and was tired all day. I just wanted to go to sleep that night so it could all be over. I was actually quite close to just saying “F this, I’m done. 1 day is enough”, but then I thought that it’s too easy to give up, and I was far from giving up!

I’m so happy I didn’t! The next morning I woke up quite refreshed and not feeling anywhere near as down as I felt the other day. I was actually quite ready to continue with this juicing thing! And the juices were becoming considerably tasty on my pallet ;) The whole 2nd day was fine, until I had to make supper for the girls…oh, that sweet, sweet smell of home-made tomato sauce for their spaghetti, as per request, was getting to me. But, I quickly turned my head away, drank my green juice, and all was good!! Until the hubby came home and said “Why? Why would you make this when I can’t eat it?” Sorry, my love :)

Day 3! Even better then the 2nd! Energetic, not longing for food (ok, that’s a lie. I’m always longing for food. I’ll be eating breakfast and thinking about what’s for lunch), and I actually felt like getting up and working out. Best part? I found the juices tasted even better (except for the beet one. Better, yes. Tasty? Mmm…I can do without :P)! It’s great because now I have some go-to juices I can make on the daily for snacks in-between meals!

All in all, I actually enjoyed it. I’m not saying I loved not eating, no no, but, it does the body good!! You’re getting so many nutrients from all these different juices that I find it really is a good thing to do a juice cleanse once in a while. I will be continuing to [try] and juice daily, along with clean eating (still working on that 6-pack!) and will definitely be doing another juice cleanse soon.

Thank you dear Realists for joining me on my first journey of juice cleansing! I hope that some of you will be interested and try it out yourselves, that’s if you haven’t already. Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall go indulge in a nice large slice of chocolate cake!…ok, that’s a lie…cheesecake…I hate chocolate ;)

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Stay Classy!

SONY DSCSay Yes to Juice!!SONY DSCDress: Francois Beauregard, Shoes: Aldo, Sunglasses: Tom Ford


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Draw-string Shorts


Realists, I’m finally feeling a little more like myself and my coughing attacks are now only coming seldom at night (not that that’s a great thing, but at least I’m not scaring people off during the day). The weather is also finally continuing to feel more and more like summer, which is an added bonus to my feeling better!

As I’ve mentioned previously here, I do love my shorts, and these draw-string shorts are one of my favorites. The material is so soft and comfy, and I love the looseness of them. A great pair of shorts like this looks awesome paired with a tighter, tucked in top, or a looser top as I’m wearing here. We all know how versatility is key, and these shorts fit right in that category!

Guess what? It’s Friday!!! Hope you all have a lovely day and an awesome weekend!! Be safe and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCLook who decided to join, but not look at the camera :PSONY DSCTop: Forever21, Shorts: BCBG, Shoes: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Diesel, Watch: Adidas


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White Jeans


White jeans…oh how I hate to love them. They look so clean and crisp the second you put them on, but then you have to cross your fingers (and toes) that they still look as good when you get home later that day. Having kids doesn’t make it any easier, but I say “Screw it! I don’t care” and continue to wear them!

They’re a really good contrast to the blue jean, especially during the spring/summer seasons. And pairing white jeans with anything is great because it always makes your other pieces stand out more. If you’ve yet to give white jeans a try, just do it! One piece of advice, make sure you always carry around a Tide-to-go stick ;)

Happy hump day, Realists! Enjoy the rest of it and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop: H&M, Jeans: Diesel, Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: Adidas, Sunglasses: Carerra


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5 Summer Essentials

Happy Monday, Realists! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today is a good start to the week because the weather is beautiful outside, and it looks like it’s going to be continuing that way for a while. Since the first day of summer is June 21st (coming up soon!) I figured I would help with your summer shopping in advance and put together what I believe to be summer’s 5 must-haves!

1st: Everyone needs an awesome pair of shades. This summer, there are many different styles floating around, but from what I’m seeing in fashion news and fashionistas on the streets, the colored-mirrored sunnies seem to be a favorite amongst most. I love this style because the perfect pair really makes an outfit look “cool”. You can have on the fanciest of fancy dresses, and the second you sport a pair of these, you instantly bring a certain chicness to you without overdoing it.

2nd: Personally, I believe everyone needs a simple, white tank top in their wardrobe. Now, as easy as you may think it is to just pick up a white tank and have it be perfect, let me tell you from experience, it’s not. Oh, the many tanks I’ve been through just to find that one that fits you to a tee! ;) Because a piece like this is so clean, you really need to make sure it’s the ideal fit and look.

3rd: A maxi skirt. Something every woman should own. No matter your size, height, color, whatever it is, I guarantee you there’s a maxi skirt waiting for you somewhere. A classy article of clothing that can go from day to night with just a change of shoes.

4th: Sandals. We all require a comfy, chic, pair of sandals in our closet. As much as I love to wear heels on a daily, even I know that you can’t possibly put your feet through that every time you leave the house (especially if you have kids!) They’re not difficult to come-by, so if you don’t already own a pair like this, do yourself a favor and start shopping! ;)

5th: Last, but not least, a cross-body. A purse big enough to old your essentials, small enough to not always get in the way, and comfortable enough to carry around you all day. No holding, no shoulder aching, just perfection!

I hope you enjoy what I believe to be the top 5 must-have summer essentials! Do you agree with me? Or would you change something for another? Let me know, I love to hear your thoughts! Happy shopping, and stay classy!

Summer Must-Haves
T By Alexander Wang racerback tank, $82 / Henri Bendel mirror lens sunglasses, $165 / Ted Baker maxi skirt, $280 / Rebecca Minkoff crossbody, $155 / Rachel Zoe leather shoes, $240


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Family Fun


Yesterday night, we all went to check out an annual family fun fundraiser going on close to our home. It was held in a school yard with many fun activities such as bouncy castles, pony rides, and a few local restaurants with food stands.

Once again, just like my La Ronde outfit, I didn’t want to end up wearing yoga pants & running shoes, so I chose to put together a loose tank, paired with these super comfy, high-waist trousers.

I love these pants because I’ve really worn them every way possible. With heels, boots, sandals, sneakers. You name it, I’ve already paired them together. They’re such a versatile pair of pants, and because they’re in a cargo material rather than a dressy material, as well as bear a looser fit, dancing around with kids makes it that much easier ;)

Have a lovely Thursday, and stay classy, Realists!

DSC07802 DSC07806 DSC07810 DSC07818 DSC07822Top: Calvin Klein, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Steve Madden


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Caged Tank


Today I’m posting an outfit I first put together while in Vegas. I really liked the way these 2 pieces complimented each other, and couldn’t wait until it was hot enough here in Montreal to be able to wear this ensemble again. Lucky me, as mentioned yesterday, the heat’s here, which meant it was time to pull them out of my closet!

I love the bright color of the shorts, and they’re the perfect fit. A go-to short for the summer, but the top is really what makes this outfit stand out. I bought this item a few months ago, and as I was scrolling through the clothing on Nastygal, I then came across this particular piece and knew I had to own it.  I’m so into anything with an opened-back, especially when they’re this good. And hey, any reason to not wear a bra, is a good reason, you with me, ladies? ;)

Hope you all have a lovely rest of your Friday and a great weekend! Stay classy, realists!

SONY DSC SONY DSC Love the cage look!SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop: Ark & Co from Nastygal, Shorts: Hollister, Shoes & Sunglasses: Aldo, Watch: Adidas


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Running Errands in a Striped Maxi


Happy Monday, Realists! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We spent it…inside. Both days indoors. The weather this weekend was far from “let’s spend the day outside” type of weather. Cold, rainy, and just overall gloomy. So we opted to just have some quality time at home all together :)

Not going out = no outfits. No outfits = no posts. No posts = no good. Don’t worry, I’ll make it work! ;) Not the first time I’ve done this. I have some errands to run today, so I figured I would snap some pictures, come back in, write a quick post, and then continue about my day.

A maxi dress. That perfect piece of clothing that allows you to be comfy and stylish all at the same time. They’re so versatile, have so many styles, and can really be worn at pretty much almost any occasion. Bold prints, stripes, solids, a maxi dress comes in so many personalities. And depending on how you style it, your whole ensemble can completely change. You can pair them with sneakers for a more sporty, casual vibe. Sandals for a cute and everyday look. Or heels for a classy, going out for a nice supper look. Oh, the possibilities!

I opted for a striped maxi with some comfy sandals. Easy to run around in, all the while still looking chic. I topped it all off with a straw fedora.

Now I’m off! Hope you’ll have a wonderful Monday, and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCWrap-cardigan: Cassis, Maxi dress: Random brand from Winners, Sandals: Steve Madden, Hat: Forever21, Sunglasses: Aldo

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The Remaining of NY Summed Up

Back in good ol’ Montreal…where the weather right now is a little rainy, but looks like it’ll get better by the weekend! Lucky for us, the day we left New York, the weather there was also gloomy and raining, which was fine since our previous days were quite sunny and nice.

There are only so many pictures, but let me tell you, we did have a great time! I haven’t walked so much in quite a while, so it felt nice to just be able to do that (even though our legs were KILLING by the next day :P). As I mentioned in my last post what we were planning on doing, we spent a good amount of our Saturday strolling through the MET. The exhibit I wanted to see most was the Punk: From Chaos to Couture. What an exhibit! The fashions that were displayed were phenomenal and it was so exciting to see all these different designers’ outfits. Such art! If you’re in the area, or are heading there soon, go check it out! It’s really something, along with the many other exhibits going on there, that shouldn’t be missed!

Now that my vacation fun is over (Vegas & New York), expect daily posts coming your way! I’m hoping to incorporate some other types of posts (i.e. recipes, fitness, diy, etc) so if any of you have any suggestions on what you would like to read, throw them my way! Like I always mention, I love to hear your thoughts! Until next time, stay classy realists ;)

IMG_2973 Yummy, yummy empanadas! (This outfit is from my NY post here)IMG_2974 IMG_2975 Times SquareIMG_2978 My adventures with Spiderman!IMG_2979 002 Doughnut Plant! Referred to by a friend! (Thanks! :D)003 Mine was peanut butter & jelly filled, and his was chocolate/hazelnut. So tasty!004 The MET museum!IMG_2981Blazer: Guess, Dress: Random brand from Winners, Shoes: Aldo, Clutch: H&M, Scarf: Alexander McQueen
IMG_2986 Hehehe007IMG_2989Sushi supper :)


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Blue & Green in NYC


“Blue & green should never be seen unless it’s in the washing machine.” Anyone ever hear of this saying?? A friend of mine told this to me yeeeeaaaaaars back when I paired something blue & green together. Ever since hearing that, anytime I even thought of pairing the colors together, this would come to mind. Until one day I just said “F that”, and I remember putting together a pair of turquoise pants with a dark blue blouse. Needless to say, it looked great!! And I’ve done something similar again yesterday for our walk around The Big Apple!

The weather was not too warm, but not too cold, which meant for the most part, pants & a light jacket were needed. I instantly fell in love with this lime green top while shopping in Vegas (yes, apparently I had another item I forgot about! Well, here it is ;)). At first, I admit that I would’ve paired the top with a neutral blazer, until I thought to myself, once again, “F that!” So out came that turquoise blazer I love oh-so-much!! Where does the blue come in? Well, I needed to carry something around for my girly things, and went with my blue clutch. Blue & green! I would like to think that they work together, you just have to be a little more careful with the shades while pairing them :)

Now we’re off to eat some more, as always, and we’ll be checking out the MET today and I’m super stoked! Have a great day, and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Hello people down there!SONY DSC New York! :PSONY DSCBlazer: H&M, Top: J.Crew, Pants: Rag&Bone, Shoes & sunglasses: Aldo, Clutch: H&M


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