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Amazing Heel Deal


Now, I know I mentioned in yesterdays post here that I would be featuring my newly purchased plaid shirt today, but I lied. Only a little, so hear me out. As I was sitting here writing my post for today, I couldn’t stop thinking about the multiple outfits I could put together using only one shirt. I then thought it best that instead of giving you one outfit, I’ll give you one a day, for a week! So starting Monday, I’ll be posting a new ‘Week of Style’ featuring the aforementioned plaid shirt :)

Until then, I’ve really been wanting to show you Realists these new heels I picked up for a ridiculous price. Long story short, I’ve been eyeing these Rachel Zoe heels from Winners since I first saw them hit the racks. Original price: $400, Winners: $200. Now, as much as I loved them I couldn’t just drop $200 on a pair of shoes right now. Let me cut to the chase, saw them on sale a couple of weeks ago for, *drum-roll* $40!! Yes, $40 for a pair of heels that was originally $400. Amazing, I know. And the last in my size! Obviously, we were meant to be ;)

I love finding great sales, I mean, who doesn’t. Would love to hear any amazing sales you’ve ever been so lucky to come across! Stay tuned Monday for the start of a ‘Week of Style; Plaid shirt’. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay classy!






Top & Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Rachel Zoe, Sunglasses: Aldo, Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: Forever21, Rings: Cocktail-BCBG, Skinny-Aldo


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Grey & Red


Good morning/afternoon/evening, Realists!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are [somewhat] happy to be starting a new week!

This past Friday, after just finishing my 3-day juice cleanse, a friend had asked me to join her for lunch, which I immediately answered “Yes!” to! We decided on going to a Greek restaurant named Milos that serves an amazing lunch menu. I was so happy to be eating solids again, but maybe a little too happy. Word of advice?? Do not stuff food down your throat too quickly after not eating for 3 days…I was on the verge of throwing everything I ate up…luckily I didn’t!

Now, about the outfit. I find red and black a hit-and-miss color combo. Some people love it, some people hate it. I’m cool with the pair, depending on what the items are. For myself, I actually find that grey and black are a nicer contrast. This shade and color combo has to be one of my favorites of the sort. There are certain colors I am fond of together (i.e. purple & yellow), or shades (i.e. white & black), but when it comes to one of each, I adore the red and grey marriage. Reason is that grey isn’t as harsh as black, so I find that the colors have a more uniformed relationship.

Just a quick note about these heels. I just recently ordered them online off of the huge Zara sale going on (along with many other pieces! Like this top here), and am absolutely infatuated with them. I can literally pair these shoes with anything and everything in my closet, and they’re so comfy!! Realists, I’ll try not to, but be prepared to see them pretty often ;)

I’m off! Have a lovely Monday, and stay classy!

P.s. Is it just me, but I find I have this Janis Joplin look going on with the natural hair and round sunnies, don’t you find? Unintentional, I just noticed it after looking at the pictures!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop: James Perse, Shorts: Calvin Klein, Shoes: Zara, Bracelet: BCBG, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Aldo


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Drop-waist Dress


After watching The Great Gatsby yesterday, I felt the need to pull out my one and only drop-waist dress. Oh, how I wish I could’ve lived during the 20’s!

I bought this dress a couple of years ago after snagging it from this crazy sale at Jacob for about $10-$15 (original price, I believe was around $50+). I love the silhouette of a drop-waist because I’m always reminded of the Roaring Twenties. Unfortunately, and I’m not sure why, I actually haven’t worn this dress that often since I first purchased it. I guess watching that movie reminded me of it ;)

I was debating between a few pairs of shoes, and chose to go with these pair of leopard heels with a black bow. Funny because I remember a few years back when I first bought these heels, I thought that they were a nice, high height. Today?? I rarely buy heels lower than 5″. I say the higher, the better ;)

I threw on some pearl bracelets to give it more of that 20’s vibe. And voila, my Gatsby inspired outfit!

Realists, it’s Friday! Have a wonderful day and an awesome weekend. Stay classy!

SONY DSCAdded bonus on this dress? Those pockets! A dress with pockets automatically wins my heart!
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCMy dancing shot :PSONY DSCDress: Jacob, Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Forever21, Sunglasses: Aldo


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Finally, some heat!


Yay!! Montreal has finally decided to start warming up (Mind you, the weather still calls for thunder showers in the next few days, but I’ll take it if it comes with 25+ degree heat)! So for all you ladies & gents over here in the beautiful city of Montreal, get ready to start showing some skin, because I can feel the sun beginning to beam down :)

I kept it casual and simple today with a loose tee, a skirt, and some converse. An outfit like this can be completely changed with just the switch of a shoe, or even a different top. So versatile, and yet, still looks cool. I also have to add that I think these $10 sunnies from Aldo have slowly made their way to being my favorite pair at the moment. Round sunglasses are pretty popular this season, although, I personally have always had a soft spot for them (I’d like to thank Johnny Depp for that). I find this particular pair to be the perfect size for my face. Must search for more!!

On another note, the girls decided they wanted to take part in today’s photoshoot, so please enjoy the pictures! Enjoy the rest of your day, and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC :)SONY DSC My 2 little girls <3SONY DSCPlaying peek-a-boo

Top: Forever21, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Converse, Sunglasses: Aldo


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