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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target


Target has finally opened up in Montreal, which means it now only takes me 5 minutes to get to one, rather than taking a little over an hour as well as having to cross the border. If you’re a fan of Target, than you can feel the happiness I, as well as many other Montrealers, have with this new addition to our city.

The 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target had launched a couple of days before the stores opened up here, which made it even more exciting. As much as I didn’t want to attend a grand opening of Target, I did want to try and snag anything left of the collection. Luckily, I went on the 2nd day (I know, still sounds crazy), but really not that bad!! All the cashes were opened, which made the line go pretty quick, and I luckily found 2 shirts to add to my closet. Today, shirt #1. A blue, sheer back tank, that instantly called my name. The loose fit and long back are two characteristics I love most in a top, and for $20, you can’t go wrong!

Realists, did any of you take a chance to look at the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target? Any purchases made?

Happy hump day and stay classy!




SONY DSCHere you can really see the contrast between the cotton front and mesh back. Also, how cute is that bow ring? Found it on the 2-for-1 wall at Aldo :)

SONY DSCTop: 3.1 Phillip LIm for Target, Pants: J.Brand, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses: ZeroUV, Rings: Aldo, Bracelet: Forever21


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A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 4


Day 4! One more day to go ;)

The last time I wore this top here, I had it buttoned up to the top, but had also mentioned that this blouse can also be worn unbuttoned. I wanted to see what it would look like paired with these trousers, and I’m happy I did! I love a loose on loose combo. Don’t get me wrong, you’re more likely to find me in a skinny pant and loose top, but sometimes it’s a nice change to pair together something like this. Allows you to eat more and not worry :P

Obviously I had to add some epic, sky-high heels. It wouldn’t have beeen me had I done anything less ;) I love these heels!!! I first (and only) featured them a while back during my DIY;Muscle Tank week here, and this past weekend was, so sad and true, the first time I actually wore them “out-out”. As in a night-out out. I was quite worried that my feet would kill because the last time I wore them out quickly after that post, I wanted to DIE! They were so uncomfortable and thought to myself “Omg, I just spent x amount of dollars on these shoes and can’t stand them!” I couldn’t let that one time be the deciding factor, and I’m very relieved to say that they are actually not bad!! Just needed some stretching, I guess ;)

Realists, do you have a pair of shoes that literally make you cringe every time you walk in them, but still hold onto them because they’re just too gorgeous to give away? Please share your stories! ;) Have a lovely Thursday, and stay classy!


DSC01192 DSC01222My “teaching the girls not to come into the street” stance ;)DSC01195 DSC01208Top: Ted Baker, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Ring: H&M


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Floral on Floral


Hello, Realists, it’s Monday again! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This past Saturday, my night-time was filled by helping a very good friend of mine celebrate the purchase of her new salon. After years of making sure that this huge investment was going to be the perfect one for her, she finally set her heart (and money :P) on a salon called Bronzage Bishop.

So, a little note to her; Lisa, I’m so happy and proud of you! You’ve come so far, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to join you on this journey since our good ol’ Pierre La-Porte days! What is this now, 14, 15 years? And still going strong!! Love you my Lili, and congratulations!!! XxX

Now, back to going out Saturday and celebrating. Going out summer nights makes me love this weather even more! I finally get to wear my beloved shorts and high-ass heels! Pairing this floral top with these white shorts makes me feel like I’m wearing summer, and instead of going with a nude shoe (which is what I was originally planning) I decided to go with these floral platforms. These 2 pieces are probably the only floral pieces I have in my closet, and now I’ve paired them together! I also decided to go with this oversized envelope clutch. Because the print of the clutch is dark, it’s a great contrast piece against the top.

Realists, I hope you all have a lovely Monday, and stay classy!

P.s. After the last time I took pictures indoors here, my photographer uncle then explained to me how to take pictures indoors without all the shadowing…I’m sorry, Uncle Billy, but I forgot and didn’t have the time to look up what you said again. So, to my uncle and readers, I apologize in advance for any shadowing ;)

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop & Clutch: Zara (on sale now!), Shorts: Lush, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Forever21, Ring: BCBG


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Flatforms; Yes or No?

There’s a shoe trend going on right now as I’m writing this post that I’m not sure how I feel about. Flatforms. A one-height wedged shoe. Not sure if love it or hate it. Wedges, yes. Heels with a platform, definitely yes. Flatforms?? I’m still on the edge about them. Personally, I need a little arch on my shoes. Sexier looking? I would like to think so. More comfortable? I think my shoes with platforms are extremely comfortable, and I’m sure flatforms are as well. I just…I just don’t know.

As I was searching for some different styles, I did come across a few that I thought were cute. I put together a collage of flatforms trying to find the ones that I liked the most, but I’m not guaranteeing that they’re all to my flavour.

What are your takes on flatforms? Do you go running to them, or away from them? I am always eager to hear what you guys think, so don’t be shy and let me know! :) Stay classy, realists!

Trending; Flatforms
Kenzo orange orinted snakeskin flatforms, $400 / Rainbow Menagerie Lace up shoes, $62 / Madison Harding tie shoes, $225 /  ASOS lace up shoes, $54 / Arwen Extreme Suedette Wedge shoes, $51 / Topsop Wills 2-Part flatform, $54 / Jeffrey Campbell HOMG studded shoes, $145 / Madison Harding Mary-Jane Flatform, $115


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Sin City; Day 2, shopping, eating & girls night

Yesterday was a beautiful day full of shopping, eating, and then a night out.

Our first stop was at the Premium Outlets Las Vegas. They’ve got so many great stores there, I just can’t contain myself!! Although, I was a very good girl and didn’t over shop! (It’s also because my luggage was already too full so I couldn’t really fit much more in there :P) I did get to score some awesome deals at a couple of stores and will definitely be showing them off as soon as I get the chance!

After shopping, we all had our first DDD experience (Diners, Drive-in’s, & Dive’s) at a little restaurant called Bachi Burger. SOOOOO GOOD!! Guy Fieri wasn’t lying to us when he said that everyone had to try this place! The food was excellent, the sangria was sake instead of wine, and the prices were great!! Hands down one of the cheapest meals I’ve eaten in Vegas so far, so that’s always great! ;)

After, once again, having to be rolled out of the restaurant because we, once again, stuffed our faces full of food, we came back to the hotel and just hung out at the room and got ready for our first clubbing experience in Vegas at a little place called Surrender. One of us girls has already done the clubbing thing lots of times in Vegas, but she has yet to go to this specific spot. Held at the Wynn, during the day it’s a pool area, and at night, turned club. Absolutely gorgeous, and HUGE! Only Vegas would have such grand clubs like these! We were there to see the UK duo Nero. Amazing set! I’m a huge fan so I was so stoked to be seeing them.

There are not too many pictures from yesterday because we were so busy running around, but I did manage to snap a few. Stay tuned for more stories of my adventure, and also, stay classy!

003The girls posing with our rented mint green Fiat!005Bachi Burger!!!008Oxtail chili cheese fries. I didn’t eat these, but the other girls said they were amazing009The spinach salad. Simple, yet very tasty with the candied walnuts.011Truffle parmesan fries. Sooooo good!013The Bachi burger. A tasty, tasty cod burger020 The clubbing outfit ;)021 022 026Romper: Ordered off of Nastygal, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Jewellery: Forever21 & BCBG, Watch: Michael Kors


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A Stylist’s Style


Happy Monday! As I mentioned in a previous post, yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot for a couple of friends’ album launch. Like I explained in my “About Me” section, I’m a fashion designer turned stylist. I do still enjoy making clothing at home for myself, children, and close family and friends, but there’s something about being able to dress someone in clothing they wouldn’t normally choose for themselves! I love making people think outside of the box;) I had so much fun on set yesterday, and can’t wait for the next one!

Now, I also brought up about how I would be posting pictures for all of you to see, but as per the musical artists’ requests, I will be post-poning any pictures on set until they have publicized their own first. So, for now, I give you the outfit I wore that day!

A simple, yet still fun, outfit that is not restraining when needing to make sure the boys looked perfect! Yes, it’s those pants again…and the blazer…I know, it looks like I literally only own 1 pair of pants, but these are so comfy and perfect, that I can’t not always find an excuse to pull them out! I swear, I have a vast selection of jeans, I just really like these ;) As for the blazer, same goes with that! I know you all have those favorite items you can’t stop yourself from wearing :P

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, realists. Tomorrow, I will be posting about this beautiful dress I had the pleasure of wearing to my grand-parent’s 50th anniversary, so make sure to check in! And stay classy!

DSC04399 DSC04427 DSC04443Picked up this necklace & bracelet from a BCBG sale for $10/each!! Love sales! :)DSC04455 DSC04480Blazer: Guess, Muscle Tank: BCBG, Jeans: Rag & Bone, Sneaker wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Bracelet & Necklace: BCBG, Watch: Michael Kors


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Tribal inspired mini dress


Yesterday I wrote a post about bold prints being hot and in this season! To continue on with that topic, I put together an outfit today with a tribal inspired pattern.

What I like about this dress is that not only is it comfy and looks super cute, but you can wear it either dressed up for a night out with the girls, or dressed down to go grocery shopping! You can also pair it with some black tights on chillier days, like I did this morning. Also, I mentioned yesterday that you can definitely mix and match prints, which is what I did here. Instead of pairing the dress with a solid, neutral sweater (which is what I was planning on doing at first), I decided to combine the print of my dress with the stripes on this particular sweater. Patterns can absolutely mingle ;)

I hope that wherever you’re reading this from, the weather is starting to warm up for you as well, or if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re already wearing shorts ;) As always, stay classy, realists!

SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSCSweater: BCBG, Dress: Forever21, Tights: Joe Fresh, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Ring & bracelet: BCBG, Sunglasses: Bvlgari


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Muscle Tank; chic


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I decided to go with a more chic ensemble for my newly made muscle tee. I chose to pair it with blue pants, and a bright turquoise blazer to give it some color!

I know this post is supposed to be about my new DIY muscle tee, but I just had to say that I absolutely love these blue pants! I was strolling through Simons, saw them featured on a mannequin and knew I just had to have them! The fabric on the pants are so nice and soft which makes them super extra comfy. I find these pants to be quite classy, yet at the same time, still has a subtle touch of casualness with the elastic hem.

As I was sitting in my room, trying to decide which shoes would go best, the hubby and I both agreed with these Jeffrey Campbell‘s. I scored these babies for an awesome price on Solestruck‘s Black Friday sale. A simple, black pump, which is clearly, far from simple, just like me! And as for the whole ensemble put together, I have to say that it has been deemed my favorite one so far this week! I was obviously happy with my other ones, I would never post anything I didn’t think looked good ;), but this one was special. I can’t wait to go out for a dinner or some drinks just so I can have an excuse to wear this all again.

Tomorrow is the final DIY muscle tee outfit! Don’t forget to check in and see how it all ends! Stay classy, realists!


Blazer: H&M, Shirt: Concert tee from The Matches, Pants: Twik from Simons, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses: Carrera

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Muscle Tank; Sporty with a twist!


Here we are! Outfit #2 of our DIY muscle tee! Yesterday’s outfit was a casual/chic one, today, how’s about something a little sportier?

As I was sitting and staring into my closet, I kept thinking “How can I make this work, looking sporty, but without being too literal?” Here it is! A bodycon dress (which has also made an appearance once before, but as a striped version), with the tee paired over it, perfect! Throw on some black tights, since the weather’s still a little brisk, and combined them with wedged sneakers. The great thing about the versatility of this outfit is that you can really throw on any comfy sneaker, boot, whatever your preference may be, and it’ll work just as great!

Tomorrow, I think I’m going to throw in some classier fabrics, so stay tuned!! And as always, stay classy ;)

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop: The Matches concert tee, Dress: H&M, Tights: Joe Fresh, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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Downtown strolling


This Sunday, with the weather getting nicer, the fam and I decided to have lunch downtown, followed by a little stroll. During the winter, we hardly ever go downtown, well, during the winter, we hardly ever go anywhere! It’s hibernation time ;) So, it was quite enjoyable the time spent after so long of not being a part of downtown Montreal.

When the sun shone, it was considerably warm, but there were some bursts of wind that called for a little bit of bundling. Although, bundling doesn’t mean that I can’t be bright! Out came the pink pants! Kept it simple with a black v-neck and blazer, and paired with these awesome wedged sneakers (love these guys!) Perfect! :)

How was your weekend spent? Are you enjoying the outdoors more now that the weather is warming up? I know I am!

Stay classy, realists ;)

SONY DSC SONY DSCColorful walls to go with my colorful pants & scarf ;)

SONY DSC SONY DSCThese shoes are ridiculously comfortable, and give some height! Love them!

SONY DSCBlazer: Guess, Long-sleeved shirt: American Apparel, Pants: Citizens of Humanity, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Scarf: Aldo, Sunglasses: Diesel


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