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Fashion star!!

Tomorrow night, March 8th 8pm est/7pm cst, is the premiere of Fahsion Star. A show about up-and-coming designers trying to get their name out into the fashion world. I watched the last season, and have to say, that I was much more fond of it than I thought I would be! At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but ended up enjoying it the whole way through. It also helps that you’ve got interesting judges. I LOVE Nicole Richie! If she was the only one on panel, I’d still watch it weekly! Alongside her, you’ve got Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos. Personally, I wasn’t sure about Jessica Simpson being there, but I felt she worked well with the other judges and the show in general. The overall concept is quite interesting and fun to watch, so I’m looking forward to the premiere tomorrow!

On that note, today I thought I’d post some photos of a blazer I own from the first season. It was actually a friend of mine (Shanna Gervais, an OUTSTANDING interior designer if you ever need one! ;)) who bought it for herself, but upon receiving it, realized she didn’t quite like the way it fit, so I bought it off of her! The designer’s name was Orly Shani, and this was most likely my favourite piece by her. The lace insert on the back was something quite different and really catches a person’s eye.

Will any of you be tuning into Fashion Star with me? If you watched the previous season, who was your favourite designer or piece? Love to hear your thoughts.

Stay classy, realists.



Blazer: Fashion Star for H&M, T-Shirt: Forever21, Jeans: True Religion, Shoes: Baby Phat, Watch: DKNY, Ring: BCBG, Sunglasses: Bvlgari


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Cats, dolls, and nightwalks

Hey there!! As mentioned in “Wishing for warm weather”, the hubby is away for work so I unfortunately have no one here to help snap some shots of outfits (boo). Luckily, I have some pictures saved from a night out a few weeks ago. This outfit is quite appropriate because my eyes were so irritating that night that I had to omit wearing contacts and don a pair of frames, and yesterday, the post was conveniently about just that, glasses!

I found the cat-eye frame to add character to the lace, baby-doll dress. The overall ensemble was quite “sweet” looking, which is why I decided to top it all off with my most comfortable, and easiest to walk in, nude nightwalks. Those shoes are by far one of the most coveted items I own. Contrary to what they look like, I’ve never walked with such ease in a pair of 6″ heels. If you own a pair, you understand exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you need to go out and try them to find out exactly what I’m talking about! Along with that, who doesn’t love a pair of black opaque, over-the-knee stockings? ;)

Wherever you are in the world, have a great Friday/Saturday! ;)

020 017 019 025Dress: H&M, Stockings: American Apparel, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Ring: Forever21, Watch: Michael Kors

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An outfit fit for a winter Saturday

Yes, I realize that it’s Tuesday and not Saturday, but I thought that the cardigan I wore in these photos fit perfectly with my stripe post from yesterday. Additionally, I wanted to show you an outfit I would put together for a Saturday with the fam.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I fancy me some nautical wear, and I feel this cardigan is a pleasing way of showing that, without being too literal. The stripes give the outfit a little punch against the overall simple outfit. In lieu of wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, I opted for these greyish-blue pair which makes the navy on the cardigan stand out more, rather than just blending in. Originally, I was wearing a black tee, but felt something was off. Asked the hubby to throw me my white v-neck, and voila! An outfit was made! Comfortable and easy. Now, looking at these pictures, you may be thinking “Heels? With kids?? Really??” Ah, my friends, you see, unlike stiletto’s, wedges not only give you the height that you are looking for, but also the balance and comfort. Moreover, they’re much easier to walk with in the snow than a tall, sexy, stiletto. Those will have to just wait for warmer weather ;) Until then, enjoy the pictures and be sure to check in tomorrow!

Bye for now!

005 003 002 001Sunglasses-Carrera, Cardigan-Forever 21, Scarf & tee-American Apparel, Jeans-J. Brand, Shoes-Covered the sole so don’t know :(


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