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Mad for Plaid

It’s no secret that the 90’s has made a comeback in fashion the past few months, and following months as well. With crop tops being seen everywhere, grungy styles, flatforms/platforms, shirts/sweaters/anything that has sleeves wrapped around our waists, and I can go on and on mentioning the many influences being seen on the streets, in magazines, and websites galore.

The one 90’s trend I’m posting about today is plaid. A print that was first introduced at the end of the 16th century, then later popularized in the 60’s, huge in the 90’s, and now back in the…well, 2013.

You can find plaid shirts, pants, bags, scarves, etc. Looking for a specific item in plaid? I guarantee you can find it somewhere, somehow. Here I put together a few different items that sport the particular pattern, and pieces that I fancy. I actually purchased my first (that’s a lie. I owned a couple of plaid shirts way back when while sitting on my bed listening to none other than Nirvana…ok, and BSB….that’s right, BSB over Nsync anyday!), plaid shirt since forever ago and will happily be featuring it tomorrow! For today, hope you enjoy the chosen items seen below!

Are you a fan? Not so much? Own an item, or two, or three, of the mentioned pattern? Do tell! Have a wonderful day, and stay classy!

P.s. How awesome is that plaid bra?? Worn under a muscle tee, with a little peek of the print = hot! And I need those jeans in my life!

Mad for Plaid
Equipment long sleeve shirt, $260 / Forever 21 lace bra, $10 / H&M sleeveless shirtdress, $25 / Forever 21 hair clip, $1.89 / Forever 21 backpack, $26 / Paige Denim jeans, $200 / Alice + Olivia skirt, $210 / NIKE sneaker, $235 / Chinese Laundry flat shoes, $63


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