Pretty Dresses


It doesn’t fail when it comes to one question I get asked constantly on a daily from my 2 girlies…”Mommy, can I wear a dress?” A dress, a dress, a pretty dress, a fancy dress, any kind of dress, they want it. During the summer, it’s clearly much easier to always be putting them in one, but now once the colder weather has hit, so do the big sweaters and warmers pants. But since no snow has made it’s way to our grounds yet, why not put these lil cuties in some fall dresses along with fall tights? Even children’s wear transitions from summer to fall ;)

Let’s all jump for joy as it’s Friday and the weekend is here! Have a great one, and stay classy!


SONY DSCHehe, funny smiles :)


SONY DSCYounger Cutie: Cardigan: Children’s Place, Dress: Joe Fresh, Tights: Gift, Shoes: Payless

Older Cutie: Dress: Gap Kids, Tights: H&M


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4 responses to “Pretty Dresses

  1. Sarah

    omg omg omg!! Tacia has the cutest poses!! haha! :P

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