Lace Playsuit


Afternoon/evening, fellow Realists! Happy Tuesday!

As you can see, it’s been a little bit of a challenge to be able to post as frequently as I used to. Having to balance family, our house, and now my new job, I’m still working on getting it all together so that I can get back to writing daily posts, or at least 4 days/week ;)

Since it’s official that there’s no turning back to warm weather for the next few months, adding tights/stockings to summer favorites are pretty much the best way to make your items fall friendly. When I first saw this playsuit make its way into the store, I instantly had a connection to it. Funny thing, I thought it was a dress at first, and after finding out it was actually a romper (if you’ve been following me for a while now, you can understand my love for shorts), I needed it even more. It’s interesting because this is actually not a piece I would usually see myself in, but it’s always nice to try on new pieces and step out of your box of comfort :)

What tips do you have on transitioning your summer favorites fall/winter friendly? Stay warm, Realists, and stay classy!



SONY DSCI FINALLY made it to the salon to do my hair. Stay tuned for full colors next post ;)



SONY DSCI know this is probably a “photographers mistake”, but clearly we are no professional photographers, I kinda really like the way this photo came out :P

Playsuit & Shoes: TOPSHOP, Tights: Joe Fresh, Watch: Michael Kors


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4 responses to “Lace Playsuit

  1. Gorgeous outfit – very nicely put together :)


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