Chuck Bass



Happy Tuesday, Realists! Hope you all had a great Halloween and a wonderful weekend. I’m a huge lover of Halloween and everything spooky that comes along with it. I unfortunately didn’t take too many shots of my outfits this year, but I do have a few that I’ll be putting together for your enjoyment ;)

Until those pictures come, today I have for you an outfit I wore this past Friday. Every Friday at work, we have something called “Fashion Friday”. There’s a theme for the day, and we all participate in showing our version of said theme. A couple of past examples would be prints and leather. This past Friday was one that I honestly wasn’t too excited about at first, but then came around to loving it. We had to channel a celebrity’s style. A friend and I at work decided to take another route and channel a TV couple on a hit show; Gossip Girl.

Yes, we did the couple that everyone must adore if having watched that show, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. I, of course, could not pass up the opportunity to channel my inner Chuck Bass, and let me tell you, I had tons of fun sporting this throughout my work shift (other than the fact that I was getting quite hot under all those lights in a long sleeve shirt & blazer).

Is there a certain celebrity that you just love to get fashion influence from? And most importantly, were you as huge a fan of Gossip Girl as I was? Comment below and let me know! Stay classy!


SONY DSCMy first time wearing a bow-tie, and I’m hoping it’s not my last! So much fun to wear one.

SONY DSCLove when there’s a fancy under-collar on a blazer.



1392024_1413844462179674_392074266_nChuck and Blair <3

Blazer & Pants: Zara, Shirt: Mango, Shoes: Aldo, Bow-tie: Topman


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2 responses to “Chuck Bass

  1. Prink

    HI Kate, you’re so cute on this look, love to see this!! keep posting sweetie, kisses :)

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