Week of Style; Plaid Shirt – Day 4


Here we are, day 4 of our ‘Week of Style; Plaid Shirt’.

For today’s look, I pulled out these high-waisted, flared jeans, that have been sitting in my closet for, wow, a while now. I was going through all my clothes, trying on items left and right, figuring out whether I wanted to keep or donate. These pants were one of the “unsure” items, but after trying them on, I remembered why I bought them in the first place. Bought many years back, and they still look good today. As much as I fall in love with items that are in style at the moment, I also wear whatever I want. I will always have a soft spot for flared jeans, especially ones like these that are high-waisted AND flared.

While trying on my jeans, from the corner of my eye, I noticed my plaid shirt lying there. Instantly, I knew that they had to be worn together. I also love pairing wedges with flares, so I did just that.

The weather was not really working on our end. Raindrops were slowly starting to fall down from the cloud-filled sky, and i had little girls in the background asking me when we were going to be done. I’ll be the first to tell you these are not the greatest pictures, but you get the point :P

As for tomorrow, I will not be posting anything because I’ll be busy with some stuff at my new job. Yes, I recently got hired at Top Shop and have to go in early tomorrow to fill out papers and such. I’m super excited to be working there because I LOVE Top Shop!  Which means, today’s the final day of our ‘Week of Style; Plaid Shirt’. I hope you’re all inspired with my previous outfits here, here, and here, and of course todays, and are making your ways to malls around to pick up your own version of a plaid shirt. You won’t regret it ;)

We shall meet again on Monday! Have a great weekend and stay classy!



SONY DSCShirt: Joe Fresh, Pants: Guess, Shoes: Michael Kors


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2 responses to “Week of Style; Plaid Shirt – Day 4

  1. I couldn’t even tell that that plaid shirt was the same one in the last post! So jealous we don’t have a Joe Fresh here!

    The Fancy Pants Report

    • Hehe, it is!! It’ll be great once they branch out of New York and into the rest of the States. For now, you’ve got to either make a trip to NY or Canada :P

      As for being jealous, I’m sooooo jealous that the BEST tuna burger I’ve ever had was at this restaurant, that I know can’t remember for the life of me, by the water in San Fran. If you know what I’m talking about and like fish, please have one for me! :P

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