Week of Style; Plaid Shirt – Day 1



Happy Monday, Realists! Hope you all had a great and fulfilling weekend :) As mentioned on Friday’s post here, today is the 1st of day of a new ‘Week of Style’ featuring a plaid shirt.

As I was strolling through my local Maxi, I slowly walked by (as I always do) the Joe Fresh section of the store. Browsing through, looking for a specific dress I just previously saw on a commercial, I then proceeded to catch eyes with this wonderful plaid shirt. First in blue, and then black. I quickly ran over, touched it, and knew it had to go into my shopping cart. Best part? $19! It’s so hard nowadays to come across decent looking clothing, made out of comfortable fabric, for a reasonable price. Joe Fresh really hit all the marks with this one.

I immediately wore it that same day (I usually wash my clothing first, but was really itching to wear it right away) with some skinny jeans and flats for a casual outfit to the mall. The 1st way I wanted to show you how I would dress this shirt is by bringing up the style a notch and adding a nice watch, some bracelets, and a pair of high heels. Still quite casual, but adding heels to an outfit always make it that much more interesting. I also threw on some dark pink lipstick to bring a little color to the whole ensemble. Not a lipstick girl, but still feel like brightening up your outfit a bit?? I always love adding some colored heels to tie it all together. They for sure know how to make an outfit that much more interesting.

Keep reading for the remainder of the week to find out a few more ways on how I would style a plaid shirt. Have a wonderful Monday, and stay classy!

SONY DSCLipstick: Revlon Colorstay #275 Lush Orchid (Click to enlarge and see the color a little more)


SONY DSCLove these heels. Super comfy and just the right height ;)



SONY DSCTop: Joe Fresh, Jeans: J Brand, Heels: Zara, Sunglasses: Diesel


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6 responses to “Week of Style; Plaid Shirt – Day 1

  1. Helen

    I love Joe fresh, I have picked up many items from that store. I picked up a plaid shirt from H&M but now wondering whether I should pick up another one that I saw somewhere else. Or maybe I should not pick it up. Doesn’t 1 plaid shirt in my closet suffice? You look great and looking forward to seeing your next style a la plaid. :)

    • I love Joe Fresh too!! Some great pieces coming out of there ;)

      I say pick up the 2nd you saw! :P If it’s very similar, then I personally would probably leave it, but if it’s different, and the most important if you like it, then I say why not?? The more the merrier!!

      Thank you, I hope you enjoy the coming styles a la plaid ;)

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