Amazing Heel Deal


Now, I know I mentioned in yesterdays post here that I would be featuring my newly purchased plaid shirt today, but I lied. Only a little, so hear me out. As I was sitting here writing my post for today, I couldn’t stop thinking about the multiple outfits I could put together using only one shirt. I then thought it best that instead of giving you one outfit, I’ll give you one a day, for a week! So starting Monday, I’ll be posting a new ‘Week of Style’ featuring the aforementioned plaid shirt :)

Until then, I’ve really been wanting to show you Realists these new heels I picked up for a ridiculous price. Long story short, I’ve been eyeing these Rachel Zoe heels from Winners since I first saw them hit the racks. Original price: $400, Winners: $200. Now, as much as I loved them I couldn’t just drop $200 on a pair of shoes right now. Let me cut to the chase, saw them on sale a couple of weeks ago for, *drum-roll* $40!! Yes, $40 for a pair of heels that was originally $400. Amazing, I know. And the last in my size! Obviously, we were meant to be ;)

I love finding great sales, I mean, who doesn’t. Would love to hear any amazing sales you’ve ever been so lucky to come across! Stay tuned Monday for the start of a ‘Week of Style; Plaid shirt’. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay classy!






Top & Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Rachel Zoe, Sunglasses: Aldo, Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: Forever21, Rings: Cocktail-BCBG, Skinny-Aldo


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14 responses to “Amazing Heel Deal

  1. You look amazing! I really love your heels :-) xo

  2. Helen

    Great look! Great shoes! Curious to see how you will wear your plaid shirt. I actually bought one today from H&M but have not worn it yet.

  3. Very awesome shoes. Great job on the entire outfit! ;)

  4. wow the heels are so pretty!:) love this outfit!♥

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