A Rain to Sun Outfit

Yesterday the weather was not very pleasing. The day before we had gorgeous sun and 29+ degree weather. Yesterday it was raining like mad, and very, very sticky.

The ensemble I’ve put together for your viewing pleasure is in no way even close to the one I was sporting yesterday. Unfortunately for only myself, what I was wearing was not storm appropriate, which then resulted in me stepping into an ankle deep puddle coming out with soaking, wet feet. Sexy.

No, here I have for you what would’ve been appropriate for a weather like yesterday. Since it was raining, but also still very hot and sticky, you would need something that will not only keep you dry, but also comfortable. Rain boots and a skater skirt is always a cute, and weather appropriate outfit to fall on. Paired with a simple, white tee and a rain jacket, you’ve got something to shield yourself from mother nature, all the while still looking like you tried. Not raining but still got your jacket?? You can easily take part in one of the hottest trends right now and tie it around your waist!

What’s your idea of a perfect rain-to-sun outfit? Something like the one I posted, or is it completely different? I’d love to know so comment below ;)

It’s Friday, Realists! Have a great rest of the day and a fabulous weekend. Stay classy!

Perfect Rain-to-Sun Outfit
Peter Jensen rain jacket, $435 / T By Alexander Wang white t shirt, $105 / Pilot skater skirt, $17 / Tretorn slip on rain boots, $85


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6 responses to “A Rain to Sun Outfit

  1. great look!:) I have always hard time pairing clothes when the weather is not stable:/


  2. Great look.. its hard to plan for changing weather sometimes…


    Website | Winston & Willow


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