Pop of Pink


As much as I’m not a fan of pink (I can count on one hand using only 3 fingers the amount of pink pieces I own), I’m so in love with these pink suede heels. I think it’s the metal heel that drew me to them to begin with. That, and the hubby chose them out ;)

Last night we had a family supper, and to compliment the overall neutralness of my outfit, I paired together these heels. As I was sitting there debating between these pink heels and my red ankle strap heels (here & here) I obviously went with the pink. A pointy toed heel elongates your legs, and I was in the mood for some “elongating” ;)

Friday has come again! The weekend is here! Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend. Stay classy!

SONY DSCJust picked up this shirt from Zara (I swear, slowly my whole wardrobe will be only Zara!) and I’m loving it! So soft and the fit is amazing!



SONY DSCMy “no shorts” look :PSONY DSCTop: Zara, Shorts: Calvin Klein, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Sunglasses: ZeroUV


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19 responses to “Pop of Pink

  1. Love this outfit! Would have never thought to pair those heels with them but they really make the outfit much more unique!

  2. Great outfit, I love that the shoes bring color to the outfit, the hubby chose well!

  3. I’m with you on the pink thing. I only own about one or two items as I don’t really like pink that much. Love these heels though! That house in the background is amazing!

    Blog |  Winston & Willow



  4. One of my favorite things is a lower key outfit and a pop of color with the heels. Good job here. ;)

  5. roxthefox

    Your shoes are SO hot and I love the sunnies!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


  6. LOVE this. Pop of color is always the way to go. For sure following you! :) Check out my fashion blog, also check out my blog on POPSUGAR…was just added on their sight as a select member for fashion blogging! XO!

    fashion insta: chloescravings

    talk soon hopefully! :)

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