A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 5


Here we are! Day 5 of our first Week of Style! I have to admit, when I first tried on these trousers, I almost wasn’t sure about them and actually considered returning them. After putting together these 5 summertime outfits, I’m so happy I didn’t go through with it! As much as I can wait for colder weather, I can’t wait to style these pants for fall!

So let’s recap; Day 1 was with a graphic tee, day 2 was crop top, day 3 was night out, day 4 was edgy, and it all ended with a clean and simple daytime outfit! There are so many other pieces I could’ve thrown together with these pants, but I’m definitely liking the ones I posted up.

So, please, your thoughts! Did you enjoy following me day by day and seeing the many ways that we can style satin cargo trousers? Would you like to see more? Maybe there’s an item of clothing out there that you’re not 100% on how to put it together and would like to see my view. As I mentioned on our first day, I’ll be leaving for Toronto next Saturday for a week and was planning on putting together another one, so let me know what you guys thought!

I hope that I’ve been able to inspire you, even if only a teensie bit. At least I did my job ;) Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend! Stay classy, Realists!DSC01263 DSC01273 DSC01277 DSC01306 DSC01315Top: Jcrew, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Aldo, Sunglasses: Carrera


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12 responses to “A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 5

  1. This is such a great casual outfit! Love the pants and the colour of your top. Comfy but still chic!

    Website | Winston & Willow


  2. Cool outfit, this is a great way to style these pants :-)


  3. a touch of vivian

    Love your sandals! :) xox

  4. Sure, I like to see more of different combinations of certain pieces! Oh yeah, let me know if you would like to meet up when you’re in Toronto! Shopping or food, I’m up for anything! Btw, the Toronto premium outlet mall has their grand opening today! Maybe we can check it out if you have time:)

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