A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 2


Alright, I finally gave in…I went out and bought my first crop top…Do I think I’m ready for one? Meh, maybe, as long as whatever my bottoms are are high enough! :P

Today’s outfit’s got a sporty, casual vibe. I’m actually really loving the way this one came out. As i was looking for something to add a little more to the ensemble of the day, I then found (and remembered) that I had this Lacoste fanny pack. It gives the outfit that much more of a sportier vibe, and it’s big enough to hold all of your essentials :)

It’s funny because I was actually debating on which outfit to pair my red heels with, today’s or yesterday’s. Clearly yesterday’s won, but you can definitely spice up this outfit with a pair of stand-out heels!! I love adding heels wherever I can ;)

Are you guys into crop tops? Tried them out? How do you feel about all the 90’s comebacks? Let me know! Love to hear from you ;) Have a great day and stay classy!

DSC01006 DSC01036 DSC01045 DSC01077The purple bracelet was a gift from a friend, and the beige rope bracelet? Was actually on the belt loops of a pair of shorts I just picked up for the hubby. He didn’t like it so I took it off his hands. Versatility ;)ย DSC01063Top: Garage, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Converse, Fanny Pack: Lacoste


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7 responses to “A Week of Style; Satin Cargo Trousers – Day 2

  1. Hey girl, you’re rocked the crop top!!! Love the sporty look, suit you well! Hmmm, crop top for me…not too sure about that, I’m a little shy to show off my belly. Maybe like you said, a pair for higher waist bottom would do the trick. Maybe I will give it a try:)

  2. Sarah

    Ah! I love this outfit!

  3. The cropped top suits your figure :D

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