Navy Blue & Lemons


Yesterday as I was getting ready to go do a little shopping at Costco, I reached into my closet thinking I was pulling out a navy blue tank top I have, but instead, out came this dress! I was a little confused because it’s the exact same color and fabric (plus I’m a little sick, AGAIN! So my brain’s a little off), and had to take a few seconds before I remembered this dress.

I believe I bought this dress a little over a year ago, and am still uncertain on how I feel about it. It’s very comfy, always love a great navy blue piece, I think it’s just how I feel about it on me…hmmm…I still wore it out, but still debating on whether to keep it or offer it to one of my sisters. ;)

We’ve made it to Wednesday! How the days go by. Have a happy hump-day and stay classy!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCYes, those are lemons on my shoes :PSONY DSCDress: Jacob, Shoes: Keds


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8 responses to “Navy Blue & Lemons

  1. That dress is really cute on you! I love the lemon shoes too.

  2. Lovely outfit! You’re so cute. I love the navy blue ;)
    The diary of a fashion apprentice

  3. I think the dress is cute, I say keep it!

  4. Cute lemons shoes! Love it:)

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