Juice Cleanse; Final Review

Ladies & gents, I’ve made it! My DIY; 3-day juice cleanse is finally over and I can eat some real food! :P

So, what did I think about this whole cleanse?? Honestly, as I mentioned here, the first day was hard. I had headaches and felt weak and was tired all day. I just wanted to go to sleep that night so it could all be over. I was actually quite close to just saying “F this, I’m done. 1 day is enough”, but then I thought that it’s too easy to give up, and I was far from giving up!

I’m so happy I didn’t! The next morning I woke up quite refreshed and not feeling anywhere near as down as I felt the other day. I was actually quite ready to continue with this juicing thing! And the juices were becoming considerably tasty on my pallet ;) The whole 2nd day was fine, until I had to make supper for the girls…oh, that sweet, sweet smell of home-made tomato sauce for their spaghetti, as per request, was getting to me. But, I quickly turned my head away, drank my green juice, and all was good!! Until the hubby came home and said “Why? Why would you make this when I can’t eat it?” Sorry, my love :)

Day 3! Even better then the 2nd! Energetic, not longing for food (ok, that’s a lie. I’m always longing for food. I’ll be eating breakfast and thinking about what’s for lunch), and I actually felt like getting up and working out. Best part? I found the juices tasted even better (except for the beet one. Better, yes. Tasty? Mmm…I can do without :P)! It’s great because now I have some go-to juices I can make on the daily for snacks in-between meals!

All in all, I actually enjoyed it. I’m not saying I loved not eating, no no, but, it does the body good!! You’re getting so many nutrients from all these different juices that I find it really is a good thing to do a juice cleanse once in a while. I will be continuing to [try] and juice daily, along with clean eating (still working on that 6-pack!) and will definitely be doing another juice cleanse soon.

Thank you dear Realists for joining me on my first journey of juice cleansing! I hope that some of you will be interested and try it out yourselves, that’s if you haven’t already. Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall go indulge in a nice large slice of chocolate cake!…ok, that’s a lie…cheesecake…I hate chocolate ;)

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Stay Classy!

SONY DSCSay Yes to Juice!!SONY DSCDress: Francois Beauregard, Shoes: Aldo, Sunglasses: Tom Ford


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12 responses to “Juice Cleanse; Final Review

  1. Sarah

    Congrats!!! Never ever ever would I have gone through with this! you a champ!! :P

  2. Wow! Good for u to complete it!!

  3. You look great!! And those sandals.. I looooove!

  4. So proud of you my friend!!! At least I have a juicing buddy now. I know it’s not easy, but I’m sure you felt the results that I was talking about now that you’ve tried it yourself. Awesome job!

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