DIY; Juice Cleanse

Realists, today I’ll be introducing a new kind of DIY; a homemade 3-day juice cleanse. As much as this is a fashion blog, just like my Breaking Bad post, I do like to write about everyday events that are on my mind, and this juice cleanse being one that I’d love to share!

It’s quite funny because I’m actually quite skeptical when it comes to these 3-day cleanses. I mean, I can hardly go 3 hours without eating, imagine 3 days! But I’ve been convinced enough to want to try it out. We recently invested in a juicer, and have been using it everyday since we received it. After doing much research on juicing, I then also felt that it was best if the hubby and I made our juices from scratch for the 3 days.

I’ll actually be using recipes from a blog called “…and her little dog too”. After reading many juice recipes, I stumbled across hers and really loved the way she laid everything out and enjoyed reading the experience she had with it (plus, I believe she has the same juicer as us :P) Today I’ll be starting the cleanse, so tomorrow I will have up all the pictures/recipes to make the juices for this cleanse!

Have any of you ever taken on one of these juice cleanses? Would you? I’m not going to lie, I still think it’s a little crazy, but hey! We’ve gotta live a little and try new things :P So don’t forget to read daily about my process, and if you’re up for it, you can start your own cleanse with me!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and stay classy!

SONY DSCOur Breville Compact Juicer. Bought it off of Amazon, and it’s on sale now here!SONY DSC SONY DSCSo, we’ve got loads of carrots, celery, kale, apples, parsley, spinach, lemons, limes, cucumber, beets, ginger and cashews. Extra ingredients you would need not shown; water, agave nectar (I’m replacing it with honey), vanilla, cinnamon, and cayenne


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12 responses to “DIY; Juice Cleanse

  1. Hey Katerina,

    This is so awesome that you’re starting the 3-day juice cleanse. I was about to send you the links for juicing, but looks like you have found an awesome one. I’ve started mine on Sunday right after we returned from Montreal. Ohhh, it feels so good to detox the system after so many food comas while travelling. Good luck with it!!!

  2. i look so tasty and fresh i wil try it very soon

    new post

    The Fashion Factory

  3. That’s awesome! I just got a juicer too so hopefully I can stick with juicing for more than a day or so! Pressed Juicery is definitely my favorite juice bar, you should check them out!

    • Juicer’s are so much fun, you’re gonna love it!! I feel like it’s become a daily thing to at least make one juice a day, and so good for you!

      I’ve heard of Pressed Juicery, I’ll check it out! Thanks! Happy juicing :)

  4. :) Great Idea!!! I’ve to try this juice ;)

  5. Now I really want a juicer! haha

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