My Little Fashionistas


Hello, Realists! Hope you’re all doing/feeling better than I am. I’ve been feeling a little under-the-weather these past few days, hence the reason why I wasn’t around yesterday. I’m still not in any shape to want to take pictures, so I figured it’s a great moment for me to start a new category on the blog called ‘Stylish Little Ones’.

As much as I try to put my little girls’ outfits together in the morning, for the most part, I somehow get tossed to the side while they scramble through looking for the perfect outfit. There are definitely times where I look at them and say “Oh, yes, so cute, but maybe this top would look better?” And then there are those other moments, which let me tell you, come quite often, where I just look at them and think “Wow! You really are your mother’s daughter!” Today being one of those days.

I don’t like to tell them what they “should” wear, but like any parent who’s into fashion, I do like to explain why some items don’t work with others. On this morning, I personally found they nailed it! I mean, I’m their mom, I think they would look beautiful in a burlap sack. So, rather than put you guys through torture and have to see me with red, puffy, eyes, and probably be able to hear me cough through the pictures, here’s my little ones in their OOTD ;)

Have a lovely day, Realists, and stay classy!

P.s. As you’ll see on the older one, she’s completely decked out in Joe Fresh. One of my favorite places to shop for children. Such cute clothing at reasonable prices! If you’ve yet to check it out, please do yourself a favour and go! :)

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI love little feet!!SONY DSCOne second they’re hugging…SONY DSCThe next, she’s trying to eat her nose :P

Older cutie: Top, Shorts & Shoes: Joe Fresh

Younger Cutie: Top: H&M, Skirt: Gap, Shoes: Old Navy


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