Family Fun


Yesterday night, we all went to check out an annual family fun fundraiser going on close to our home. It was held in a school yard with many fun activities such as bouncy castles, pony rides, and a few local restaurants with food stands.

Once again, just like my La Ronde outfit, I didn’t want to end up wearing yoga pants & running shoes, so I chose to put together a loose tank, paired with these super comfy, high-waist trousers.

I love these pants because I’ve really worn them every way possible. With heels, boots, sandals, sneakers. You name it, I’ve already paired them together. They’re such a versatile pair of pants, and because they’re in a cargo material rather than a dressy material, as well as bear a looser fit, dancing around with kids makes it that much easier ;)

Have a lovely Thursday, and stay classy, Realists!

DSC07802 DSC07806 DSC07810 DSC07818 DSC07822Top: Calvin Klein, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Steve Madden


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