Color & Stripes


Hello, Realists! First off, I would just like to apologize for my absence yesterday. After going grocery shopping in the morning, I came home to no electricity! Which meant, no internet, ending in, no posts. But I’m back, and hope you had a lovely weekend!

Montreal this weekend was quite gorgeous. We did have those nasty spells of thunder and rain, but luckily for us, the best hours of the day were nothing but sunshine!!

When it comes to warm weather, one of our favorite pastimes is spending the day at La Rondea great amusement park we’re lucky to have here. As a teenager, I would go almost every weekend with friends. Now that my girls are old enough, and seeing as how they take after me and LOVE going on all the rides (as opposed to the husband who gets a headache just looking at them!), we make it a point to bring them here as often as we can.

Now, amusement parks don’t mean you have to wear sweat-shorts and running shoes. I still like to casually dress up, all the while still staying comfy and sporting an outfit I can easily move around in. Here I am wearing some bright orange shorts, (that I scored in Vegas from Banana Republic for $10!), paired with a striped tube top (no, I wasn’t scared that my top would fall. Kids’ rides really don’t go that fast, and I can get a better tan ;)). At first, I was going to put on a brown belt, and then felt like brightening up my outfit a little more with a mint green belt. Those added touches ;)

Hope you all had a lovely beginning of the week! Stay Classy.

DSC07657 DSC07674 DSC07683 Was a little windy ;)DSC07689 DSC07703Top: H&M, Shorts: Banana Republic, Shoes: Flo-Jo, Sunglasses & Belt: H&M

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