Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Today I’ll be writing about something a little different. Now, while my passion is for fashion, I do enjoy a good t.v. series, and right now, the hubby and I are totally obsessed with Breaking Bad.

Here’s how we’ve been spending our nights since we started; have supper, play a little with the girls, get them ready for bed, read them a book…or 2…or 3…ok, finally in bed (never means they’re sleeping), and watch, watch, watch. Do we even converse anymore? Sure, about the show!! It’s just so addictive! We’ve watched many t.v. series, and I have to say, this is slowly becoming my favorite one so far. The action and suspense that you’re put through in literally every episode is ridiculous!

Right now, we’re half-way through season 2. The second part of season 5 (which is the series finale) starts August 1st, and I’ve got no doubt in my mind we’ll be done by then. It’s funny how the show is about meth, and I’m so addicted to the show as if I were on the drug myself! It’s a roller-coaster of a ride, and like I just mentioned, we’re only half-way through season 2! And from what I hear by everyone who watches it, and is up to date, it’s yet to fail them. It’s so amazing to see Bryan Cranston, who once played the overly eccentric, and not so there, dad on Malcolm in the Middle, now playing this dramatic, and almost scary at times, role of Walter White. A chemist diagnosed with lung cancer, cooking meth to make money for his family. Genius, I tell you, genius! And one of the many questions we ask ourself after almost every episode? “I wonder if they’re any chemists watching this and thinking they could/should do it too!” What do you think?? :P

Are any of you on the Breaking Bad bandwagon? If you are, I know you’re sitting there telling yourself “YES!! SO TRUE!!” And if you’re not, myself and everyone else who is, we’re all collectively saying “GET ON IT! NOW!” This is a show you’ll definitely not regret.

Aside from Breaking Bad, what other shows are you overly obsessed with?? I’d love to hear what you think we should watch next, and also your thoughts on this particular series!

20130204_ES7 BBS4-1600x1200-B_595 Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkmanheisenberg‘Heisenberg’, Bryan Cranston’s character’s alias

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