Flatforms; Yes or No?

There’s a shoe trend going on right now as I’m writing this post that I’m not sure how I feel about. Flatforms. A one-height wedged shoe. Not sure if love it or hate it. Wedges, yes. Heels with a platform, definitely yes. Flatforms?? I’m still on the edge about them. Personally, I need a little arch on my shoes. Sexier looking? I would like to think so. More comfortable? I think my shoes with platforms are extremely comfortable, and I’m sure flatforms are as well. I just…I just don’t know.

As I was searching for some different styles, I did come across a few that I thought were cute. I put together a collage of flatforms trying to find the ones that I liked the most, but I’m not guaranteeing that they’re all to my flavour.

What are your takes on flatforms? Do you go running to them, or away from them? I am always eager to hear what you guys think, so don’t be shy and let me know! :) Stay classy, realists!

Trending; Flatforms
Kenzo orange orinted snakeskin flatforms, $400 / Rainbow Menagerie Lace up shoes, $62 / Madison Harding tie shoes, $225 /  ASOS lace up shoes, $54 / Arwen Extreme Suedette Wedge shoes, $51 / Topsop Wills 2-Part flatform, $54 / Jeffrey Campbell HOMG studded shoes, $145 / Madison Harding Mary-Jane Flatform, $115


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4 responses to “Flatforms; Yes or No?

  1. Omg. I can’t stand them lol ! I love how u addresses this!! ;) 💖

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