My life saver during Vegas!

During yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I would be bringing you photos of all the goodies I bought on my Vegas trip, but I felt like I needed to let you guys know first about a new product I purchased that was basically my life saver during the trip.

Ladies, and even gentlemen, concealer! Under-eye concealer is probably the one type of make-up I must always apply even if without anything else. I’m Greek, and we’re known for those dark circles under the eyes. I’ve got two kids under 4, who one is currently night-time potty-training, which means I’m always up, and I’ve got deep under-eye lids. I honestly thought there was no concealer that would ever do the trick, until I walked into Sephora a couple of days before my trip, and the make-up artist introduced me to a concealer by Tarte Cosmetics. Amazing!!! I’ve heard of the company before, but I have never tried out any of their products, and now that I have, I’m definitely not stopping!

I’ve literally tried a ridiculous amount of concealers ever since I started wearing make-up, and it’s about time I find one that works properly! No matter how little sleep I got in Vegas, I always looked fresh and awake! :) And one of the best parts about it is that their products are all natural! No animal cruelty :)

What are your favorite concealers? Are any of you on the Tarte bandwagon as well? Love to hear from you!!

Stay classy, realists!

027No make-up! Wanted to show the difference of with and without. Right eye with, left eye without.

004The best!005Tarte Cosmetics, ‘Smooth Operator’ Amazonian-clay waterproof concealer.

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