Linen for the office


My brother recently gave me an idea for a post. He is one of the many people that have to go into an office Monday to Friday, so he suggested I post about an outfit appropriate for an office environment. So here is my take on an ensemble suitable for work featuring the linen pant!

I love a great pair of linen pants. I’ve had these pants for quite a few years now, and it’s great because they never go out of style! How do you say no to a neutral, linen pant? Perfect for the beach, shopping, dinner, movies, or as seen here, the workplace! It all depends on what you pair them with.

What are your takes on a linen pant? What about linen in general? You know I love to hear your thoughts, so please, tell me! :) And continue to stay classy, the weekend is just around the corner ;)

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCLove the color-blocking on these shoes! It’s always that subtle touch that makes an item stand out ;)SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCShirt: Mango, Pants: Calvin Klein, Shoes: BCBG


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3 responses to “Linen for the office

  1. I love to wear linen in the summer.i will have to buy a dress, tough.
    The shoes are perfect!

  2. Sarah

    My problem is it is SUPER HOT in my office! I try to dress appropriately for the office and for the weather! However, sometimes I’m worried I might be showing too much skin. After you trip in Sin City ;P maybe you can show a few outfits appropriate for heat and the office… :)

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