DIY: Muscle Tank

Hello everyone!! Excuse me for being on hiatus for a little over a week, but I had a crazy week. Fear not, my friends, for I am back and at full force!! And what better way to start back then with a little something I’ve yet to do on the blog; DIY muscle tank!

I am a huge lover of a great muscle tank, and I am also guilty of owning way too many concert tees from way back. Although, I did have to get rid of a few (It was becoming borderline hoarding!), I did manage to keep a good amount for myself. So, for you today, I have a step-by-step on how to get a pretty bad-ass rocker-muscle-tee. Don’t worry, this can be done with any ol’ plain shirt you have sitting around!

Step 1:


First off, you want to get all your materials together. One shirt, a pair of scissors, and a few pins

Step 2:


What I did was put the shirt on and then proceeded to put pins where I wanted to cut from (shoulder width, and how low)

Step 3:


Let the cutting begin! To make it a little easier, start by folding the shirt in half and then cut so you can make sure it’s even

Step 4:


Ta-da! Now, you’ve got yourself an awesome muscle tee! Don’t forget to always try it back on and make sure the shape is to your liking :)

Easy as 1-2-3! So simple, yet can be paired in so many ways! Not sure exactly how?? Don’t worry that’s where I come in! For the remainder of this week, I will be pairing this exact shirt with 4 different outfits, let it be casual, girly, or even a little more classy! So don’t forget to check in daily to get a few tips on how to pair your DIY muscle tee! Until tomorrows outfit, stay classy, realists! ;)

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