Clutch me good!

Spring/summer are, in my opinion, the perfect seasons to show off your most coveted accessories. With no jackets, sweaters, and for the most part, pants to cover you up, everyone and their mom can see what pieces you are using to accent your outfits. I personally am a huge fan of a good clutch! I know this type of bag is not for everybody, but I much prefer carrying one of these bad boys around. It adds a whole lot to your ensemble for the day!

This season, there are so many arrays of styles to choose from. Let it be snakeskin, leather, or even that bad-ass Chanel lego clutch, you name it, you’ll find it!! I’ve put together a collage of some clutches I wouldn’t mind owning ;) Also, just below, I’ve posted a picture of 3 of my favorite clutches at the moment. I’m hoping to add new favorites very soon!

What are your thoughts on a clutch? Are you in love with them as much as I am, or do you prefer to carry around a different style of bag? Love to hear your thoughts! As always, stay classy ;)

Clutch me good!

Marc Jacobs envelope clutch, $1525 / Accessorize colorblock handbag, $57 / Jimmy Choo candy glitter clutch, $665 / Alexander McQueen snowflake knuckle box, $3260 / Chanel lego clutch / Alexander McQueen humming bird clutch, $2905 / Tory Burch Robinson small envelope clutch, $300 / 3.1 Phillip Lim Polly small flat clutch, $535 / Betsey Johnson applique handbag, $69 / H&M suede clutch, $54
SONY DSCRed faux-leather clutch; Chinese Laundry, Blue suede clutch; H&M, Printed clutch; Aldo


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2 responses to “Clutch me good!

  1. I adore clutches, but always have to carry so much around with me that they’re not an option. My vote goes to Alexander McQueen though!

    • Ya, I know what you mean! I’ve got two kids so not always something I get to carry, but when I get the chance, I’m for sure pulling through with it! :) And I loooooove both the Alexander McQueen’s that I posted!

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