Accessories for the avid traveller!

I was reading a post off of, and came across  this great passport cover from Flight 001. I’ve been on the hunt for a great passport cover for a while now. Trying to find a piece that I fancy, as well as something that’s affordable. I’m heading to Vegas and New York in May, so I need to start looking a little quicker!

The pieces that can be found on this site are great! They’ve got it all from luggage to waterbottles. Adapters to sporks. Browsing through this site, I’ve already found a few items that I wouldn’t mind picking up for myself and my husband ;) I know I don’t fly as much as he does, but when the rare occasion comes along, I know I will have those few items that I can’t wait to pull out! On the plus side, they don’t need to be used just for flying. Road trips, sleepovers, bus rides, whatever it is!! These are items that can be used for more than one occasion!

Here are a few pictures of pieces I found cool and worth it!!

Even when flying, remember readers, stay classy ;)


How great is this passport case?? For only $15!


Luggage tag, $12


Denim toiletry case, $30

main_14_24 alt.view_21_12

F1 Spacepak toiletry case, $42


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2 responses to “Accessories for the avid traveller!

  1. shanna

    Very cute finds!! As soon as I have an excuse, I’ll be hitting up their website!

  2. Oh here is something I always need :) I love the passpost case

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