Oh, Reddit…!

Yesterday, my oh-so-lovely husband decided to be funny and post a not-so-flattering picture of me on Reddit. The picture was one of the unchosen ones from my Sunday’s outfit for my daughter’s birthday. Now, while the picture of me is not the best angle, or anything for that matter, he decided to post it because it looked like I had alien antenna’s on my head. Not thinking he would get much traffic from it, the comments started pouring in! Positive comments? Quite the contrary…

Most of the comments were of random redditors saying that from the angle the picture was taken, I look like Skrillex… Now, at first, I must admit I was a little confused, until I studied the picture a little more. Skrillex indeed! Quite hilarious, actually, but hey! You can’t look perfect 24/7 ;) What I found most interesting, is that one of the users actually recognized me! Says we went to the same elementary school! The curiosity is killing me! If you read my blog, please let me know who you are! :)

You can view how it all went down here. I hope that if anybody who has commented on that post, has made their way to my blog and can see for themselves that I am most definitely NOT related to Skrillex ;)

As always, stay classy realists, and redditors ;)

And now, the infamous “Antennae’s meets Skrillex” picture!


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