A 2-year old’s birthday, part two! ;)

SONY DSCAs mentioned in yesterday’s post, we always have two separate birthday parties for the girls. Saturday’s outfit was more of a fun, cute, and flirty kind of look with the skater skirt and tights.

For Sunday’s look, since it was family, I decided to go a little more conservative. Nevertheless, it is as easy to run around in, cooking, cleaning, and chasing after the girls, as yesterdays outfit. My grand-parents are enamoured with the way I dress now, compared to my teenage years. Well, I guess to them, anything is better than black, on black, with some extra black, throw in TWO arms-full of spiked bracelets (but still today, I do add my own personal flare!). I must upload a picture for you realists one day soon!!

‘Till that day comes, stay classy realists! ;)

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCTop: Gap, Pants: Zara, Shoes: B2, Ring: Forever21

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