Black & white & chic all over!

Black and white, one of my most admired color, let me re-phrase that, “shade” combinations put together. Frankly, I for one am not always into what the “trends of the moment” are, but lucky for me, black and white is one of the, if not the, top trend to watch for this spring.

We’ve got 60’s inspo over at Prada, classic tuxes at Saint Laurent, and major graphics at Marc Jacobs. If anybody knows trends, it’s these guys, so if they say black and white for spring ’13, then there’s no complaining on my end! Beginning of March, still snow on the ground, that’s ok! Spring officially “starts” on the 20th, but who says we can’t put together a little b&w beforehand? C’mon ladies, show ’em what you got! Strut those black, leather, skater skirts! Pair them with a classic button-down, white ruffle shirt. Throw on a wide-brimmed black hat and a pair of ultra-high black sleek pumps! You’re now ready for a chic walk around downtown New York. Just always remember, don’t fall into just being “trendy”, be you!

Here’s a collage of several pieces that I believe are appropriate. Take a look and let me know what you think! I would also love to hear what pieces you will be adding to your black and white collection this spring.

Until next time, stay classy, realists ;)

Black & white & chic all over!

Tribtoo white & black leather heels saint laurent, $825 / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather skirt, $745 / Ivory silk & black lace top marc jacob, $645 /  River Island printed pants, $47 / Michael Kors dress, $1130 / Saint Laurent shirt, $670 / Topshop high heels, $135 / Alexander McQueen , $255 /  H&M bag , $31

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