Wishing for warm weather

So, here I am stuck in a 15cm downpour of snow, while my husband is out in Florida basting in the sun! …Ok, he’s actually there for work and is super busy and most likely hardly enjoying the sun, but I can still be envious, right? ;) Watching him pack all his t-shirts, shorts, shoes, made me long even more for the days of heat and sun. Today I decided an acceptable way to cheer me up, and hopefully all of you as well, was to put together a collage of summer clothing and accessories I can’t wait to get my hands on.
…Now that I think of it, this is not satisfying at all! Just makes me yearn the sun even more! *sigh* Oh well, this is the best we’re going to get for now, right?? Enjoy! ;)

Wishing for warm weather

Kokin summer hat, $170 / MICHAEL Michael Kors strap sandals / Bleeker Bloom Cross body shoulder bag, $76 / Layered dress, $56 /  Vero Moda patent handbag, $19 / Old Navy brimmed hat, $19 / Stella McCartney strapless bustier dress, $2,660 / Dolce & Gabbana knee length pencil skirt, $610 / Emilio Pucci strapless floral dress, $1,045 / Alice + Olivia summer tank top / Alexander McQueen draped top / Forever 21 nautical shorts, $23 / Emilio Pucci knee length pencil skirt, $490 / Ralph Lauren Collection flat heels, $275 /  Theory striped tank top, $98 / / River Island reversible skirt, $25 / Alexander McQueen strap sandals, $825


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3 responses to “Wishing for warm weather

  1. Pota

    So many pretty colors. Ah, wish I was young again :)

  2. David

    Definitely not basting in the sun right now if that makes you feel any better! I see the sun when I wake up in the morning, then by the time I leave work, it’s night.

    Quebec’s nice summer heat isn’t too far away!

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